N-Style Seat cover?

I just bought the N-Style graphics and seat cover and this is the first one Ive ever got. This might sound stupid, but Im not sure wether to put the seat cover over the stock one or to take it off first. It does seem to fit real nice over the old cover. Anyone Know how to do it right? Any other pointers from the experianced guys who do this stuff? Thanks!

Take the old cover off. Make sure the foam is in good shape. Put the new cover on at the front of the seat and I usually put 2 staples in to hold it there. Stretch it down to the back of the seat and put 4 staples in there. Then I work my way down from the top evenly on both sides.

You could if you wanted to I have seen it done I perfer removing the old cover Get a good stapler it's kinda tuff going into the plastic

I have heard that warming the new seat up in the sun for a while makes it much easier to work with.

I hit mine with a heat gun before putting them on to get them pliable. Just be very careful they will melt

I am not sure if this is the answer you want, but either way will work. The main issue is the condition of what is going under the seat cover, and how well the aftermarket cover fits. Some of the aftermarket covers are so small that you'll be luck to simply get it over the foam with enough to staple to the base.

Personally, I have found that I like the added firmness of installing the seat cover over the original one.

Just make sure you use a good staple gun. the air staple guns make the job much easier.

Well, I got it on there and it looks good. No wrinkles, Im impressed! It actually went on pretty easy. I decided to leave the original cover on to make the seat good and firm. There was more than enough material to go over the old cover. I would definatly recommend the N-Style for anybody who is considering it. They seem to make a pretty tight product. Now hopefully it will last a good while. Thanks for the info guys.

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