Stock Bike - Getting it race ready???

Hey folks, i've written before...The new bike comes next saturday...the 12th of just so happens to be my birthday as well....Anyways, can anyone add a few tips on getting this sucker ready for the track.....I'm stoked...i know about the re greasing eveything but what about performance wise...i also have looked into Engine Break In...not quite sure with that...some say manufactures rules...soft break in....some say hard break seat the rings better....give me your input....

thanks, keep er' cranked

Break in - follow the manual and you cannot go wrong.

Me personally, for a new bike just grease it up and hit the track. As it breaks in make suspension adjustments and motor adjustments, but hit the track before making major mods because you might not need any! :)

I broke mine in hard. Changed the oil and filter after break in. Set the sag and played with suspension. Ride it like you stole it. :)

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