Quieter exhaust for wr400???

I'm new here so please take it easy on me. I've got a 1999 wr400 with a FMF power core 4 exhaust and from the reading I get with the db meter device I'm a little to loud to race in the BJEC circuit. What are my options to get below 99db, I don't really want stock but if I have got to then so be it. What about the White Brothers "e" series?



fmf offers a quiet core insert for the PC4... I think it is around 35 or 40 bucks ...

I have a White Brothers e on my 426 and it's LOUD. I'll be putting on a Q and powerbomb header this weekend and I'll let ya'll know how they compare.

i did a bit of research on this subject before I got my Q. Given the strictness that sounds is enforced with in my riding area, i called the rangers and asked what passed on WRs. Q 99% of the time, the others much less. the bike was uncorked stock when I got it. I got the Q before I got the powerbomb SX. With just the Q I noticed a little loss in power, mostly on top. It was MUCH quieter though. The powerbomb did make a little more power On the bottom, but not so much so that I would spend the funds on another if I had to replace it. Have passed sound, albeit right at the 96 limit, several times now.

tTry getting a powerbomb header, I heard that they reduce sound. SX for bottom end, MX for top end. :)

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