Changing coolant

Alright. This WR is the first liquid cooled bike I've owned. I need to change the coolant before next season. Any tricks to doing this, or is it just like an oil change - drain and fill.

Do I have to bleed the radiator or any lines after filling??? The guy I bought it from was running Engine Ice, so I bought the same stuff.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I just open it up at the pump and let it drain....make sure to check your hoses from your overflow tank. I have had times when the line gets clogged and become impassable. I swap the lines out every couple years....NAPA has the hoses cheaper than the dealer.

Excellent, and thanks for the NAPA advice. I will check the reservoir hose.

Make sure that you have the bike over something that will catch the coolant then open the top fill cap on the radiators and it will come gushing out. Then with clean tap water fill the radiators up again and let the bike run for like 5 min. then get the water out and fill it up with engine ice ( which I think really works it could just be me tho )


Thanks, Steve.

My bike has one whole vein missing on the left radiator. Luckily the guy that owned it before me worked in a shop that built and tested radiators. He told me that when he switched to engine ice, after he broke the radiator, his bike ran 45 degrees cooler. He just welded the radiator without the fin and made sure it pressure tested fine and did not run too hot.

I put over 700 miles on it last summer on the same coolant. Never even a sputter. :)

I always used distilled water when messing with radiators. I just finished swapping out the eg/H2O mix with Engine Ice. I learned one thing while doing this; ok, maybe two. First of all take the radiator cap off, then take the drain bolt out. I took the drain bolt out, then the cap off. It shot about 4 feet across the garage floor. I flushed it twice with the distillled water, then I rinsed it one with distilled water. I did notice that the header pipe looked like it had a very little glow to it while idling after the engine ice was installed. Before I added the engine ice, it had a nice cherry glow on the first four or five inches of the header pipe. I have seen several posts in here, by what I consider to be very credible people, that I have claimed to have poor results with the engine ice. My friend Dave said the his bike appears to run much cooler with the engine ice, so that is why I decided to give it a go. I think that most of the direction claim that you can use tap water to flush with, but around here, the tap water will leave a calcium buildup on your glass shower doors. I figure that it will do the same thing to the inside of the radiators. Good Luck

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