Question about the right footpeg fix

I have received the kritter fix.

I have not had a garage day to install it yet, but it looks really nice & strong.

The stock bolts were bent & loose before I tried just tightening them and lock washers & loctite. (also loctite the kickstarter!).

I know that the kritter fix will be much, much better, just looking at it.

Just the bolt size alone would help and add to that the welded over the frame collar and it looks to be 200% better than stock.

It was shipped quickly.

Go for the kritter fix!. I'll post if I have any installation or durability problems (unlikely).


Sorry, typing without looking. Yes, mine was an 03 with just over 600 miles on my second long trip when the peg broke. I weighed 230 + gear and am 6'3"/ 49. All my buds it turns out, keep spare grade 8 bolts and easy outs. It had happened a lot before (they have 01 and 02 650's), just no one mentioned it thinking it was just "their" bikes that had the problem. Steny

Even the famous Johhny Campbell has had his footpeg break a couple years back. They just drilled out the frame, flattened down one side of a nut and threaded it onto a long bolt. You can't do this if you have the 4 year warranty as it voids your frame warranty.

For us in Europe...whats an easy out???...

For us in Europe...whats an easy out???...

Is a kit that comes with a small drill bit and a reverese threaded self tapper that has an increasing diameter as depth increases. You drill a hole in the broekn off bolt and then screw your ez out into that and it unscrews the broken bolt since it is left hand threaded.

I installed the AHD peg bracket yesterday. It was easy to drill out the existing hole and that new bolt looks beefy.

The stock front bolt, which which I replaced just 2 months ago was already bent!

:) Honda..

My buddy broke his last month when we out. I've replaced my bolts twice. After my friends fell(broke)off, we both fixed them by replacing the flange head bolt with a 10.9 replacement, and running a longer socket head cap-screw in the frt hole, and fabing & welding on a mild steel tab very much just like "Kritters". I don't think we'll have any ,ore problems.

Just had mine break about fifty yards into a ride. Lifted the front wheel over a big puddle and hit the other side a little and SNAP!

This is with inspecting and everything often.

I went down to Baja a few months ago before this happened on a Chris Haines tour and I had noticed some of their bikes had the peg modified like Kritters. Didnt think anything other than how cool it was until I broke mine.

Been wondering who to contact to have this done and now I know. Thanks!

Now I can do the Nevada 1000 with confidence in my pegs

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