Question about yz450f

Hey guys Ive got an 04 crf450 and I was wondering how many hours do you get on your yz's before you need new top end/valves?

Have you had any problems with your bike such as valve issues and whatnot

I sorta want to go blue even though I havent had any problems with my bike yet.

Thanks :)

I have not had any issues with my 450. I have owned it just over a year and have replaced the piston and rings once. That was November and my valves were still within spec. I change the oil regularly (Every 3 or 4 rides). No problems as of yet.

I have an '03 that I bought used. The original owner swears he never had to shim the valves. I've checked it 3 times in a year and a half, and they're still OK.

We just did the rings and valves on my son's 250F at about 400+ hours.

how often do you guys think you should change the timing chain?

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