Battery appears flat when hot ?

When my bike is cold it cranks fine.When it hots it sounds like a flat battery and won't crank ( tight riding ).But if i open it up on a trail for a couple of minutes then stop and restart it cranks fine.Does any one have any sugestions?

Thanks dave

Is the starter engaging at all?

Yes it does try and engage but it has all the symptons of a flat battery.The funny thing is that it cranks for ever when cold,I just checked it tonight and it reads 13.5 volts and it's been sitting since sunday.I would have thaught if it was the battery it would have been worse when it was cold?.Just don't want to buy a battery for nothing.

Is it reading 13.5 volts with the engine running? Or, are you getting that reading without it running? Are all the terminals tight etc?

I'll still say bad battery.

I've had bad cells in car batteries act strange like that. It should be easy enough to get tested.

You need to measure how many cranking amps it is putting out

I've just finished my checking my valves , 2000k's and still in specs.Cleaned all my connections.Tried to start and it still plays up.I will take the battery into a battery place and get the cold cranks checked.The battery used to play up when i first got the bike so i bought a battery tender and it had been alright since.I only ridden twice in last 3 months ( work sucks ) so maybe thats been the cause.I suppose 2 years out of a bike battery is a fair run,


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