8/12/01 KENTUCK Ride Photos

Some of the photos were not as clear as they should have been...Sorry Clint/Rob...I'm Still getting used to this camera. Next time should be better.

David Frankel: AKA GA426OWNER















Bonzai...... :)

yamakaze, the pic's look great! I will be getting one of these myself so we can have another angle and more pic's. Maybe if I get one I will learn to use it better then I used yours :)

Sorry I didn't get more pictures, but I was busy pulling blue out of the woods and splinters out of my butt :) trying to keep up with you rocketeer's....You know this sucks. :D..Everytime I work my way up in the pack someone brings in another ringer and I have have to work my way up from the rear all over again. :D I think that 3rd crash Sunday has done me in for a couple of weekends though....The Doc say's at the least I pulled my groin muscle or worst I've torn it. :D but the Percocet, Robaxin and Naprosyn are definitely taking the edge off. :D Hell I didn't even mind Atlanta Traffic this morning.....

Bonzai.... :D

well I guess your name fits you YAMAKAZE! not sure if we explained this but when we said we where going to go for a ride through the woods, what we really said was we where going to ride the trails that go through the woods :) (Just Kidding) hope you are ok, I'm looking for the next ride, I can go this weekend but going fishing the following one down in LA (lower Alabama). we need to see if we can set up a camping trip to somewhere, why don't you ask all your bud's and I will do the same and see what we come up with. David you in for something like that?

Yamacasi, pictures came out great. RSK - You name it & I'm in

Yamacasi, pictures came out great. RSK - You name it & I'm in

Man...bringing back memories here. I used to live in Kentucky when I was very young. I now live in Phoenix, Az. All that green has me green with envy...LOL.

I'm going to have to go to Flagstaff (mountain region of AZ) to do some riding...

Thanks for the pics..



2001 WR250F

White Brothers E Series Full exhaust

Panoram computer

Fly bars

jet kit

YZ timing I think (bought used)

Grey wire mod

Very nice photos guys, where/what's the name of this riding area? Public or Private/club? How many acres, sorry for the ?? but that place looks worthy of some vacation for a long weekend from Missouri. Thanks, Jason

Hey I've seen ya'll there before. Too bad wasn't there Sunday looks like ya'll coulda used some yellow mixed in.

Jason, these pics where taken at Kentuck ORV area in the Talladega National Forest which is in Anniston Alabama, it has about 25 miles of trails nothing real hard, if you where thinking of coming down, there are some other ORV areas in Georgia that are pretty cool as well, here is a web page that has a list of the tracks and orv parks in the area. http://www.georgiaoffroad.com/

Partsman you are welcome to ride with us we don't take off for riding something thats not blue. I felt like an outcast, I was the one on the KTM 2 stroke bike and it is purple(not by choice, it was that way when I got it). Drop us a line we ride just about every weekend somewhere.

have a good one


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