FMF exhaust

For those of you interested, I just installed my new FMF Power Core 4 on my 03, I like it, noticeable increase in power mid to top end, but its loud. I called FMF they said if its a new model the end cap and insert from the Q will fit on it, she said it gives better performance than the regular insert made for the 4 and is a little quieter. I oredered one for about $30.00 and I'll let you know what I think. Sounds pretty good I paid $230.00 for the 4 and $30.00 for the insert which is still less than the Q and it might be as quiet with better performance. By the way the part number is 040218.

Last night I also just installed a Powercore4 on my 04 Wr 450.

I didn't think the loudness was that bad but I went to a lot of Van Halen concerts as a kid.

I did cut a plate with a 1.75 inch hole to place in front of the screen to try to quiet the pipe for this weekend. I will order or make a quiet insert to get the sound down, but the throttle response was noticably better and the low end hit harder.

I'm going to richen both circuits in the carb to see if it gets even better.

The new pipe is definitely lighter than the stock system. :)

My Powercore IV is extremely loud, I've seen kids with fingers in ears and old folks 'whincing' when I'm comin down the road.....oh yeahhhhh!

When I see the filth, I just shut off and meek as a lamb!

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