What's your favorite aftermarket chain guide?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering what your favorite CG is and why?


TM Designs?


Any others?



Im using UFO...my only choice :)

I dont see much diffrence in diffrent manufact., since it is not some high tech product

i run a tm in the front and a fredette in the back. i think the fredette is designed for the yz because i had to modify it (lower it about 1/4")to fit the 51t rear sprocket i run , i think the yzf's come with a 47 or 48 and it was binding the chain. the front tm works well but once it started to wear it wore quik. i run a 13t front that probly doesn't help it. the fredette is good because it has replaceable blocks that are inexpensive($6)

I've got the BRP chain guide. I've bent every aluminum chain guide I've owned, the plastic chain guides don't bend and retain their original shape when hit, I've never broken one.. They are priceless (but cheap)... :)

TM Designs works well on mine. I am on my 4th set of chain sliders and chain guide blocks. :)

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