650R Clutch perch

I need a complete factory clutch/decomp perch assy for a 650R. before I order new one, I thought I would check here to see if anyone has one laying around. :)

I doubt anyone is going to have one laying around. When you replace them it's generally due to a breakage. If I were you I'd grab two from Honda and you'd have a spare.

Yeah, youre probably right, I have one from Works Connection on it right now, but I want to go back to the factory version as I am using the factory handgaurds.

The WC perch does not have the proper mounting pin to hold it in place.....

why do you need a OEM part? There are a few others out there that are much cheeper. I bought one just to keep in my kit. I think i paid $7.

ask the guy at the counter what he has.

Being a motorcycle accessory shop owner I do know that Flanders Company has an exact OEM replica XR 650R clutch perch/lever/de-comp lever assembly. I sell them for $49.95 and they work great. I also sell them to guys with XR 400R's which lets them get rid of that seperate de-comp lever & perch.


Psycho, would that work on my 85 350?

Phsyco got a link to a page or something. Sounds interesting....

Heres a link to Flanders' perch, they have tons of stuff.....$54.00 is the listed price, but no picture. :)

Ahh thanks Qadsan but theres only a pic of some big dude and an old 2 smoker??

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