baja 500

Well this being my senoir year I get a senior trip and I was wanting to go to the Baja 500.Yes I am in great shape so this isn't what I am worried about. I was wondering if there is any package deal I can buy so I can race and have a place to eat and stay plus pit crew...the whole pie. I was also wondering if my 04 yz450f could hold up for the race and not completely trash it. Are there any mods I could do to my bike that don't cost an arm and leg? :)

well i re jeted my ttr125 and they have jetkits for your bike and it works better and i can feel the way its more cleaner and runs better plus i race hairscrambles so i like it alot more

Whoa A Yz450 Im Sure You'd Win It You Will Pwnz0rs Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111one

not looking to win just finish and have a lil fun in the process. Guess I need to post in a different area.

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