Test Report on 05 WR450 ?

Has anyone ridden the new WR450 yet :p and what are your impressions. :):) I had a 98 WR400, 01 WR250, 01 KTM 520 M/xc and was wondering how you think they compared to any of these or how you liked them. I like that they can finally be fairly quiet without too much loss of power and the e-start is nice but not necessary. I wish it had a 6-speed like some others but probably don't need it.

Does it get decent gas mileage on a tank? Or would I be needing an IMS/Clarke tank for the longer hauls? I wonder if it does OK on a MX track too. Is it good in the rocks and nasty tight stuff too. Any actual weight claims too.

Thanks for any comments.

I just went from a 2001 to 2005 WR250F. It feels lighter than the 2001 because of the smaller tank. E-start is sweet and fires quickly even in gear. Side access air box is great. Aluminum kickstand is a nice touch. They left off the light switch, but you can add one later. My suspension probably hasn't really broken in yet but it feels good. The Aluminum muffler is really nice this year as it makes good power and is quiet. it can also easily be modified with PMB insert or YZ exhaust depending on how quiet or how much power you need. I don't think you can go wrong with the Yamaha just pick the size you need.

I bought an 05 WR450 and love it. I come from a background of riding MX bikes off road and this is much better. I have done all the free mod's plus added an FMF Powercore 4 and the JD jetting kit and the bike rips!!!

My last bike was a KX 250 which was a great bike but I'm a big guy and riding in the mountains it would get stuck on the side of too many hills for my taste. Before that I rode a CR500 and as you may well imagine I didn't get stuck on any hills. I would compare this bike to my 500 in power and usability, just much easier to ride.

Hope this helps.


Is your bike much louder with the FMF pipe?

You want SPEED....:)

You want GRUNT.... :)

You want PROVEN RELIABILITY.....YES, RELIABILITY... ;) (no top-end rebuilds like the Bikes that start with K's and H's or at least not as often)


You want EASE of MAINTENANCE... :D no longer have to remove header pipe for oil changes like the early WRs (had a 99).

You want COMFORT..... :D

You want the LIGHTEST BIG BORE THUMPER OUT THERE.... :o .but its worth the extra weight.

The shear power from this bike still amazes me...I have done no mods other than YZ throttle stop.

CRF450X looks really really sweet...but who knows how that top end will last (lots of problems with the 250)...the CRF450X also has a huge waiting list

CRF450F is probably the BEST ENGINEERED bike out there...just look at one some time and you will know what I mean.

I forgot to tell you I had an 02CRF450 and loved it but not the valves issue. I understand the newest looks and rides awesome. I really liked my past WR's and thought the reliability was a great strong point. Oil changes were fairly easy to do. I did not like how when I opened it up (different exhaust pipe) it really ran great but the sound level kind of wore me down on long hauls and was a little annoying and didn't help the sound issues these days. I understand the new ones haul the mail better and are quieter. hope to be able to test ride one possibly this weekend. I tend to do a lot of wide open riding including sandwashes, and whoops, but will take it up in the high altitudes 8000-11,000 during the summer months. Thanks for the input all of you. There are alot of good reasons to get this bike. I don't have to have an e-button but it will be nice in a lot of situations.

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