03 450 lighting options?

Are there any decent lighting options for an 03 yz450? that are under 500.00 I only use it like 4-6 times a year so cant see spending lots of cash on it.Currently i just tape 3 flashlights on the front fender its not real gerat thats how i got that cut in my avatar on here. Any options? it is for desert riding.

Check out Electrex USA, they have a stator for $230 bucks that doesnt require the use of a new flywheel (L38). You can get the UFO Twins headlight for around $50 bucks. That is probably the cheapest way to do it. I run the Electrex L38 on my bike and it puts out more than enough juice to run a headlight.

I heard that the electux units an junk??

Who did you hear that from? I just installed it on my bike and it seems to work good. I bought the L38 because like you, I didnt want spend a ton of money on a stator. I just did a whole street conversion and it runs all my lights without a problem. If you want to run a high intensity lighting system, then I could see how someone might call it junk, seeing as it only puts out 45watts, but on a low budget, it does the job. Now I havnt had this on my bike long enough to call it reliable, but as long as it keeps working as well as it does now, then Im happy.

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