Fork Tubes Flush With Top Clamp on an '87?

Having solved the jetting issues, I have moved on to the suspension.

Already adjusted the rear spring pre-load so the bike doesn't sag so much, just have a quick question about the front tubes. Currently, the tubes protrude about a quarter inch above the top clamp. Is this how it is supposed to be set-up, or should the top of the tube be flush with the top of the clamp?



Does it handle fine? or do you want it to be more stable? if so lower the forks in the triple clamps. Do you want it to turn sharper? if so raise the forks in the clamps.

I would give the tubes acoupla mm's obove the clamps better handling imo, but that is for more wfo dez riding.

You should have a machined line around each upper fork tube, about 1/4-3/8" below the top of the fork tube. The fork tubes are pushed up above the top of the triple clamp till the machined line is just visible. That is the stock position for the forks. You can adjust from there if you need to.

good job clearin that up steve. I didnt think to say that....

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