Question on the 450 cam mod?

I have an 01 426. Is this mod extremely difficult? It appears I need to order a cam and shims correct? Which cam, the Yamaha or the Hotcam is the easiest to install. Lastly, I cannot find the link detailing the entire installation, I'm gonna need all the help I can get. Thanks a million! :)

Get a Hotcam it will run better on top :) It's not to hard your manual will show you how to do it . I think there is a How To in this forum do a search for cam install

Did a search, still can't find the link. Hopefully it's not right in front of me. I read somewhere here there are pictures of the install as well. Like I said I'm gonna need all the help I can get. Thanks again!

Jack, are you smoking Crack?

Dont bother spending the Extra $$ for a Hot Cams, unless you plan on buying BOTH Intake and Exhaust. If you were to just get the Exhaust, you would not see any difference in PERFORMANCE, and you would be paying an extra $58 or so, where as I got my '03 450 Cam for $96. The Hot Cams it about $150 (+/-). The 450 cam will smooth the entire power band out completely.

Here's the link to MotoMans web, you will see on there info for manual and extra things..

Give me you email addy, and I will email you send you the 450Cam Mod PDF...


Where did you get the cam for $96. Let me know, that is the way I'll go!

Thanks Chan!

Called them today they had the part and for that price! Appreciate the help. Paul does not work there but they honored that price anyway.


I double checked my order and it was Tom. Sorry about that. Glad you got the cam. Best mod ever! Enjoy

chan :)

Thanks again Chan. I got my cam today, I'm going to attempt this on Wenesday evening. I went riding this past weekend and wished I had it a few times! Vetmxrider has offered his services for help to help me get through it. Thanks again to everyone for the info. I will reply once the job is completed to update on the outcome.

I completed the cam job. However, it did not fire right up. It took about 15 kicks. I let it run at high idle speed for about 3-4 minutes shut it down, changed the oil, and then it was really hard to start again. I went to start it this morning and again it took about 5 kicks, it also back fired as I was kicking it through on about the 3rd kick. Rode it, and it really doesn't seem to have the same power in 1st and 2nd anyway. Also noticed a white puff come out of the valve cover exhaust hose when I shut it off, is this normal? I re-checked everything and it all looks right. Anyone have any ideas. Thanks

I went hot cams because of the matching drive sprocket size and put it in yesterday. I found the install stupid easy. The cam came with directions to get shims .25mm greater than whatever was in there. In my case, I had 170s stock and 195s made clearance perfect (.20mm). I only bought the exhaust cam. The bike is new to me and I'm still adjusting to it. I'll let you know how much better it runs. All I can say is it fired right up. Hot cams told me that exhaust cam only will not improve power by itself. They say if you want more power, get both cams. Dogs boys-she kicks over so easy now. Either way, get the plug for the old decompresser lever opening. Your local Yammer dealer will know the part by heart. Either way, good luck to you. I LOVE THIS BIKE.

got the call from my dealer today to pick up my new cam, opened it up and the dumb a$$ order the intake cam. how stupid is that? now have to wait a few more days.

Thats the kinda thing that usually happens to me!

Hey Red, it sounds like you have something going on. Did you adjust the shims for the exhaust? If so, after installing everything, did you double check. I cant phathom the thought of 15 kicks with the mod if everything is right. It took 2 kicks after the mod, and mine starts like clockwork everytime. I had to bump from 182/186 shims to 200/200 shims. It definately sounds like you have something wrong cause it shouldnt be doing that....

It sounds out of time to me. What did you torque the cam reatainer down to?? How is the bike kicking over in general?? Does it feel hard to kick over and tight?? Just wondering if you over torqued the retainer or off timed the cam??

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