Countershaft sprocket removal tips?

Hi everyone,

Anyone have any tips?

Thanks :)

1. Remove guard

2. Bend back the "lock washer" from around the nut

3. Remove the nut with a large socket---Be sure to put bike in gear and apply the rear brake to keep the sprocket from turning freely

4. When installing the sprocket--bend the washer over one of the "flats" of the nut to keep it from coming loose. I guess this is kinda like a lock washer

Rear brake is usually not enough so you may want to put your foot into the knobs on the top of the tire. Tie the break lever in the position for full lock. :)

I used an impact gun to remove the nut but not to tighten it. Torque wrench, in gear, and rear brake applied to tighten it.

NOW THAT YOU HAVE IT UNDER CONTROL BE SURE TO PUT YOUR OLD SPROCKET IN YOUR TOOL BOX 450s are known for shreading a front sprocket without warning

Just to add what new2blue said, Use a torque wrench to tighten the sprocket nut .

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