Part Number Required


Does anyone have the Yamaha part # for the spark plug wrench that comes with 2000 WR400F toolkit? The yahoo at my local dealer couldn't find one so he's trying to tell me I can't buy that part. Anyone make an aftermarket wrench for this bike?


Yamaha part number is 5BE-2814F-00-00 is the part number you need. If your dealer part guy needs to know what section to look in---tell him to look in the frame section it is figure #37.

sounds like a a situation I had I went to the local dealer and they say "yes this is the tool you need " So I go home do you think it fits :D so I use the same tool without the T handle and I have to use an extension with of course the old school method of a rubber hose to remove the spark plug after it is loose. I still cannot believe I went to the dealer and they had no idea what kind of remover tool works on a 99wr400 :) the shirts they wear do say Yamaha on them right? Till this day I still use the old school method :) I think I will look into what PDBblue listed from Motion Pro looks like it should work :p

Thanks for all the help. I appreciate it. :)

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