Average price for a used 450

It's been a wile since I last used the forum with snowmobiles and all but my friend is looking at buying a nice never been raced 450 he's not sure witch year he's going for an 03 or 04 but what is a fair price for a nice 03 and a price for a 04. Thanks

I'd guess around $4500 depending on condition/aftermarket parts/hours and year.

I spent $4400. Excellent condition with one year left on the warranty. Race tech suspension, Scotts stabilizer, Ims tank, Pro circuit Type 496 exaust.

Warranty? Didnt know one was available.

I have my 03 forsale for 3200.

i found a 03 that had only been riden 3 times,got it on ebay for 3050.00.the bike was like brand new.but i think i just lucked out :):)

Used 2003 YZ450's selling for about $3250-3500, with 2004 models selling for $3750.

The problem with the used bike values is that you can buy a brand new 2004 YZ450 for $4800 out the door here in Oregon. There are tons of them left on the floors of the dealers around here.

Please dont flame me ...but there are great deals to be had if you look and wait...I just bought a 2005 YZ450 with maybe 2 hours on it (the tires still had the factory rubber from the mold on them) the bike came with an aftermarket 48 month warranty, tech 6 boots, fuel tank, folding alum ramp, helmet, fox 360 suit and 2 sets of Scott goggles for $4500.00

After selling most of the gear that didn't fit the bike was closer to the 4k price..

the guy bought the bike and fell off of it causing a broken leg, and his wife not allowing any more motorcycles

Patience will pay off :)

04 yz450f, i got mine for $3200 of a guy on ebay!!!

Where in Oregon are you seeing them for $ 4800.00? I'm considering a trade of my WR for a YZ!! Thanks, Jim

Thanks guys also whats with the warranty I didn't think there was one if so what all intales in the warranty is it an option when you buy a 450 new?? Hopefully he can pick one up for 4000-4300 also if anyone runs across a good deal you can pm me Thanks.

I just sold an 03' 450 for $ 4000.00 in California. That seems to be the average price.

I just paid 3500 for an 03 YZ450 in colorado. 3/5/05

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