bike smells like oil?

Hey guys, hope you can help me with this. I did a search on "oil smell" and couldnt come up with much.

I have an 03 yz450 and at the last race of 04 I noticed it smelled like burning oil... It ran fine, but had been starting a little hard. So before this year got into full swing I did a top end. ( piston, pin, rings and timing chain... the entire engine was spotless exept for the chamber and piston top) I had hoped this would be the culprit. It has been 3 weeks and 3 rides since the rebuild and the bike starts/runs better than before but the oil smell still comes around after the bike warms up. I change the oil and filter at least every 3 races. Any ideas?

I should also point out I use a rekluse clutch and have considered the possibility of my clutch needing replaced ( although the clutch seems the auto clutch )

thanks for any help

dave :)

if it is a burning oil smell - see if the tube coming from the top of the cylinder is smoking out of the end...was there any indication in the exhaust port that oil was leaking into it at the time you did the top end/valve adjustment?

Are there no signs of an external oil leak? No trace of smoke from oil sitting on a hot surface?

Check your clutch. It might be fried. I had the same smell on my 450 and the clutch was toasted.

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