xr650r (leave stock) ????

I just bought a 2000 xr650r.I live in Michigan so I (really) have not rode the bike yet. Was going to do some of the mods that are on the forum here. My question is should I? I am only 5'8", 175lbs. The bike has all the power I want, just wondering if it would make it easier to ride if I did some of the "uncorking" mods?? Thanks Dan

YES :p Uncork that snarling pig you will never forgive yourself if you don't. :D:):)

I highly reccomend the uncorking process. If you leave it as it comes from the dealer, it is no faster than an xr400 and it overheats very often. The uncorking will give it more power, better throttle response and it will run cooler.


Most definetly uncork the beast.. :):):p

Would you like your lung's restricted, :D

The XR650R's lung is restricted, Not a good thing

By all means uncork it you won't believe the difference it'll make

here is the answer to all your questions - the pig pen

I say uncork it. 99% of my overheating problems disappeared after the fact. I have done everything to mine so far other than rejet the carb. I have the parts, just not enough time to stuff them in.

YES, the bike will run like it is supposed to run. When I bought mine, I was a little disappointed and started to wonder if I made a mistake in buying it. ;) At the time, I didn't know anything about "uncorking" it. :) My brothers friend had one with all the mods and he let me ride it. :o:):p I was at the Honda dealer bright and early the nex morning to buy some parts. :D If you like the way it runs now, you won't believe the difference. It's not a little difference, it is A BIG difference! If you wait, you will kick yourself for not doing it sooner. :D


YES, it starts easier, and runs cooler if you uncork it. Even if you don't need the extra power, it's better for the bike.


I think the biggest thing I noticed was throttle response. Stock its like the bike cant get enough air.

Leaving it stock would be like you having to swim the 100 meter race using a snorkel that is only 1/4 inch in diameter. You could do it but you sure would appreciate the difference of being able to breath without using it :)

Good analogy, Roll it on. After you're done with the uncorking mods, leave it stock except for an Edelbrock carb. Damn hard to beat. I've ridden other bikes with LOTS of mods, including a full-on 680 kit, oversize valves, custom cam grind, etc. I could definitely feel a difference in power, and was impressed with the top-end pull and overall grunt of the motor, but when I got back on my stock bike (Edelbrock, drilled side cover, HRC tip), I don't think the extra power of the other bike would help me go any faster than I can on my bike- it's got plenty as it is (once uncorked).

You must uncork it, I got mine stock drove it 2 months before I uncorked it. It's not the same bike, You will really feel the defference when you shift in 3rd gear and snap it. It started the first kick after I uncorked it and also sounded like a beast.

I love this bike, let the beast breath man.

For the love of God man! Uncork it! It is begging you. You control the throttle once you do. How would you like to breath through a drinkimg straw all day?

Yes, uncork it. World of difference. Then add a lightweight end pipe and Edelbrock carb. Bike will be complete other than getting suspension done. Carb will allow the bike to fall over and re start right away. Stock carb, you may be kicking for a while to start the PIG. Steny :)

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