stock dirt wheels

I'm looking for some dirt stock wheels for a 2003 XR650R

this has been an endless search. If anyone knows someone, please PM me or reply in this thread.

thank you!

I have a pair that have only done a few miles and are like new but with carriage costs form me to you (I am in the UK) and how weak your dollar is at the moment it would cost an arm and a leg.

oh man...that does suck.

anyone closer than 5000+ miles??

thanks anyway bikemadtim.

I have a stock set but the front is pretty beat(warped) The rear is ok. However, I cut all the spokes to get at the hub to relace it to an new rim. Let me take a look at them tonight and I'll get back to you. They'd work fine for the dirt. Still shiny too. Just a couple flat spots on the front.

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