Set up for 04 450 in Moab, UT

I just picked up the bike yesterday, and could use some suggestions for a baseline set up on jetting for 3-7000ft. The bike is completely stock, except I am installing a 52 rear sprocket, and an Power Pack from SLP(like a power now)in the carb. I am 180lbs with gear and am an intermediate rider. Suspention starting point would be nice as well. I ride tight trails (like 5 miles of hell), with some open sand washes, but mostly trails.

Also, can I run Mobil1 20-40 oil in this bike, or will it make the clutch slip. I don't think Mobil1 has any friction modifiers in it, but am not sure. Thanks in advance.

Help please.

I would put a 168 main jet in it and run the needle second clip position from the bottom. But that is for a YZF400 I am not sure how different the 450 is jetting wise. You may want to invest in a JD Jetting kit sold on TT. After putting in the kit with the recommended settings my bike now starts and runs perfectly so I don't even think about jetting much other than the occasional adjustment to the air screw.

On your suspension I would go with about 105mm of sag since that will affect your handling the most. As far as Moab goes I find a softer setting on the compression helps since it is so rocky and I would slow the rebound a bit from stock. I will be there this weekend and I can't wait to get out of the office!

Thanks for the help. I will only be riding the bike this weekend, so it's hard to justify a jet kit. I think I will set the suspension on the soft side. Any one know how to set the accelerator pump so the bike wont cough right off idle.I know there is a way to do it, but don't know how. If I rev it when it's not idling, or try a roll on,it is very snappy, and does not cough. But if I try it from a dead idle, it cough. I have tried different fuel screw settings, but have not changed the pilot jet. I really believe it is the accelerator pump. Any suggestions. Thanks.

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