'04 WR450F-Busted Case

Well, I thought they were bullet proof until my last ride. The top of my left case is cracked on the top, next to a bolt housing. There doesn't seem to be any leakage so it may not go all the way through.

Not fixing this until there's actually a reason. Oh well, it's still a good running bike!


.....I'm racing tomorrow so I hope she holds up!


Are you sure it's a new crack and not an old casting mark? Those things, casting marks, have scared me several times into thinking I had a major problem.

I'm pretty definite it's a crack, about a $200 crack (part #18 on the on-line viewer). It doesn't seem to be in a place that'll effect anything as there are no fluids leaking plus the oil and filter looked normal when it was changed last night.


why not tig weld it? that side case on the left is aluminum not magnesium,i know for sure because i welded the hole shut where my starter used to be :)

got the same thing last ride at the same spot you mentioned, but no leakage , yet will there be any . very upset ....

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