Will a heavy flywheel help in the sand?

I know the two stroke guys are running heavier flywheels when you go to the dunes but will it help on a four stroke on hills? im thinking it will but who knows? basicly what im trying to do is be able to race people up the main hill where i go and be able to do it in fourth gear currently i do but it kinda lugs at the top so it doesnt matter if i am in third or fourth. According to the radar gun it was 48mph in fourth and 47mph in third at the top . Im thinking the wieght should help me carry the momentum all the way up the hill. I am running an 03 450 with 13/48 gearing i could go down more in gearing but then i will just loose mor top end right.I am trying to smoke 2 smoke 500's currently i pull on them but thats not enough for my satisfaction.

The only way to go faster in the sand is to add more ponies... Play with gearing, fuel, cams, bump up the cc's etc... Or just go buy yourself a KTM550 throw a 12 paddle on and rock that b!tch in the dunes!

I was thinking of more gearing like going from 13/48 to 13/49 because i dont want to kill too much of my top end. that way i could still get away with throwing the 14 back on for track riding. and the 13/49 would just tear up the hill or better yet 13/52 then i have to fight the front end but it would be wild for the first 60 ft or so.

I'm in the sand a lot and run 13/51, first time out after putting the 51 on I noticed a big difference, yeah you lose the top end but when you're going up a hill top end doesn't mean much if you can get there.

I use 13-52 gearing all the time, and I have a WR400 the only time i need higher gears is in an open strait road. My bike will still do 65 easily. have your flywheel lightened for a snappyer throttle response, or buy an ancient CR5 (CR500) and just ride that in the sand.

If your speed is only 1 mph different between two different gears, that should tell you that gearing isn't going to help this particular situation much one way or the other. I would say that you have a traction issue, and that your current tire isn't going to push you up the hill any faster. Try a paddle or add 5 horsepower (the tire is cheaper).

I am already running a paddle im not that stupid to go all the way up there with out a paddle. I was just wondering since i have raced two stroke 250's with a weight and it helps them a lot but they dont have the torque to start with so i guess they need somthing to make it.

what kind of paddle are you running? that can make a big difference. number of paddles, paddle design, paddle size, they can all affect it.

I am running an 8 paddle cuurenly i ran a 10 the first time i went up and was getting beat by my friend on a crf with a 8 so i switched and it seeems to work a lot better. i think the 10 hooks up a little too much plus the extra weight.

what kind of paddle is it? one of those chen-shing's? or a hooker? if you dont already have one try a hooker. i run a 10 paddle sand snake right now but im going to switch over to an 8 paddle hooker or possibly 10 paddle hooker next season depending on the mods i do this summer. the hooker might make a difference if you dont already have one. try it, if it doesnt help at least you have a better paddle.

I run a kings turbo paddle 8 blade on my wr426... I can keep up pretty well but w/ my fat butt hill shooting sucks... I usually do 4th gear rides w/ all my buddies and its a blast and have no problems once i hit 4th just keep the rpms up and your set... :)

the 8 paddle is a kings turbo and the 10 is a shing shin dune hopper i was thinking of getting a better quality one like the skat trak but was not sure if it would make that big of a diference. I like the turbo because it has the cleets on the sides wich seems to hlep when your tring to ride on the side of the hilll. and i also run the kings front sand rib it helps a lot also.

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