Does anyone know what oil filter to use for an 84 XR500??

My buddy traded work for this bike. It was in pretty bad shape, but he has fixed it up and it looks pretty good now. We were going to change the oil and we couldn't spot the oil filter. Do the 84's have an oil filter, if so, does anyone know which one?

Yes it does, its on the right hand side cover. Fram # ch6015. Same as my Honda xr600r and my 650L. Don't remember the honda part # off the top of my head. My local walmart carries the thing for about $6. Hope this helps.

If the XR500 is an 83-84 model with twin carbs, it will have an oil filter cover on the front of the right hand crankcase cover, it would have three metric 6mm bolts holding it on. The filter used on this model is exactly the same as the ones all RFVC engines- 250,350,400,600 and 650L and even fits the XR650R!

Hope this helps.


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