Starter motor spinning back words?

to the best i can figure out, after i took my starter apart, it stared spinning back words. mine is spinning counter clockwise. and to best i can tell its supposed to spin clockwise? am i right? {looking at bike from the left}.

at first i thought it was the starter clutch or torque limiter but then i noticed the starter spinning the wrong way. or i miss something else. or maybe I'm an idiot :)

thx for any help.....

Just change the polarity so it spins the other direction. The DC wires are connected to the main circuit by two wires. The direction of the motor shaft rotation can be changed by reversing the polarity (swap the positive and negative wires) of the motor supply voltage. :) Have you got the brushes installed right? You may have the wrong brush wiring when you re-assembled it. :)

it comes apart tomorow. i thought of the brushes, but i dont think the wires will strech far enough to go in the wrong slot on the other side.................

i didnt disconnect anything internaly. just poped it apart and cleaned it......

As mentioned, if you just rebrushed is, the brushes are on wrong. On a DC motor with a permanent magnet feilds, changing the wires around (polarity) is all that needed or swap brush leads.

i didnt put new brushes in it.......

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