02 YZF426 stock rear hub/bearing wont fit my 98 YZF400

I recently purchased a set of unused stock 02 YZ426 wheels/hubs for my 98 YZF400. The front wheel went on perfectly with a set of 02 wheel spacers. The rear wheel is a different story. The rear wheel bearings have a larger diameter than the 98 YZF400 and the axle bolt has way to much slop.

Can I use a set of 98 YZF400 rear wheel bearings in the newer 02 YZF426 stock hubs? Do I need a set of custom bearings? Any other ideas?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Maybe an o2 axle? :)

You need the newer axel.

98 was the last year of the old hub. 99-present all use the same hub, rotor and sprocket.

I dont believe you can use that rear wheel. Sorry.

I'll buy that pesky '426 rear wheel from ya. How's that for help?

Thanks...I'll figure somthing out and post it...if not i'll sell that rear wheel to ya.

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