Need advise, it's not the clutch!!

If you have any experience with this please advise as I'm in Mexico and need to make a plan. In a thread a few weeks ago I mentioned that my 03 450 was jumping out of gear under full load in 5th. Well actually I said I thought the clutch was slipping in 5th. Well the clutch has been replaced with no effect. It only happens in 5th gear, so now I realize that it's actually jumping in and out of gear with a full load, if I just nurse it along in 5th it doesn't do it. I suspect bent shift fork or drum but would really appreciate any replies as to this problem. Thanks, Big Jim :):)

If you are sure it is not the clutch. Then your shift drums are worn and that causes the shift forks to bend and flex and it will get worse if you dont replace them. The gear tries to pop out and the fork flexs and re-engages the gear. :D

I had my motor completely rebuilt and got a new shift drum as well as countershaft bearing in the transmission. :)

I am sorry but you will need to split the cases and be prepared for expensive parts. :p My complete rebuild of the motor cost $2,700. :) I almost bought a new bike for the motor and parts. :D Tough decision but the old adage stays true: You got to pay to play! :o

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