Phone # for Moose Racing???

Does anybody know the phone number for Moose Racing?

I've tried everything and can't find it. I even tried checking through the phone directory/information for Janesville, WI (where their catalog lists them as being) but even the phone operator struck out. Are these guys spooks or what? If anybody knows the number, I'd be much obliged. Thanks...

Try 1-800-MOOSE :)


Had the same problem trying to get that replacement backpack. What I found out is that you have to go through an "authorized dealer(distributor)".If you check Moose web site or you will see at the bottom that Parts Unlimited is listed with a copyright. I dealt with Parts Unlimited with great success. I think Moose, Thor and others just manufacture for Parts Unlimited under those various names. Try


I guess Parts Unlimited is a wholesale dealer only. Somebody has to know how to get ahold of Moose for questions.

Goose and the chiwawa trail was alright but very soft in a lot of places.

Maybe we can try for a ride this next week?

I sent an email to Moose via their site about their Sahara gear a few months back and it was answered rather promptly and informatively. So you may want to try that.

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