New tires

I just removed my front and rear wheels to put on some new tires. My bearings look well greased and the axels looked good as well. Besides re-greasing the axels and cleaning the dust seals before I put the wheels back on, should I worry about the wheel bearings??? :)

I don't have a bearing puller and was wondering how often you should grease the wheel hubs and bearings. I hit the mud every once in a while, but by no means do I ride in the water all the time.

My bike is a 2002 and it has about 1200 trail miles on it.

very simple to replace wheel bearings and you do not need a press done carefully with a brass punch you can remove them with no problem for installation I use a flat piece of plastic the dimmension of the whole just shy of it so it will fall back out and with a brass flat punch it will go right in and stop where it is needed very easy pretty hard to screw up just make sure you install it evenly once you learn how to do them it will take you about 15 minutes and you will always have new bearings go to your local bearing shop and they will have your size bearings for half the cost might sound barbaric but I look at it like this if I can do the labor myself and use the money I save on accsesories for the bike it is a win win situation :)

regrease the bearings whenever they don't look greasy enough. :)

as for installing wheel bearings, which was not the question, i always put them in the freezer about 1-2 hours before installing them, and then they just drop right into place.

i wouldnt change bearing unless it got free play (wheel moving left to right)

well, my chain side bearing already has some play but too litle to be bothered about, check it regularly though

Wheel bearings will be a quater of the price if you go to a local bearing and drive shop, just take the old one with you and they will match one up perfectly. I've always run NGK or SKF bearings and never had a problem

I don't know about the bearing shop being cheaper.

I brought the front bearings out of my WR and they matched them up to some

SKF's. They wanted 30 buck's Canadian each. I whent down to the dealer and

bought some that were not stock Yamaha for 12 bucks a pair. These out lasted

2 sets of stock bearings in my buddies WR. I can't remember the brand.

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