water wetter

Just a question for you experienced guys. I just forgot that when I bought my yz400, the guy said he only has water in the radiators and he hasn't put water wetter in it yet. I rode the bike for a day and I was wondering if just plain water is bad for the engine? Also can you buy water wetter at a place such as wal-mart? :)

Never run straight water! :) It will boil and cavitate in the head and reduce cooling before it finally overheats and damages your engine! Just drain it completely and put in 50/50 distilled water/ antifreeze. I hope you did not do something bad to your engine! :)

straight water offers no lubrication for the pump seals,water wetter with straight water will give the best heat transfer(good for MX),BUT if your gonna be in tight stuff and mud etc. its boiling point is lower than 50/50 and could be a cause for overheating. i'm using EVANS NPG-R,its waterless ethylene glycol,its cooling factor is lower than water,a little higher than 50/50,but has a boiling point of 400 deg F @ only 7 psi. almost impossible to boil out! :)

Well we rode that day for about three hours of pretty low rev putting stuff. We havn't ridden it since. What kind of damage could I have done? If I put watter wetter in it now do you think I'm fine?

If it still runs fine, Just put the 50/50 in it and drive it. I dont think that would have hurt your engine. Ive seen straight water used before in a jam, and the bike didnt have any trouble. I would get that water out of it though, its not good for the engine.

zip ty racing makes some good stuff, they call it waterless coolant, supposed to raelly cool down the temps. i have been using it and have had no boiling over problems since

thats repackaged EVANS NPG-R, how much $ was it. its $25 a gallon from EVANS

A number of Super Moto promoters require straight water in cooling systems because of how slippery coolant is.

You should be using something to modify pure water for your uses though, and there are a lot of good choices.

Water wetter is basically a surfactant (something like a soap) that breaks the surface tension of water down and allows it to transfer heat to and from metal surfaces better. It has little effect on boil point, but the radiator cap does raise the BP beyond 212.

Most of the other options are either automotive ethylene glycol coolants or variants of them that are packaged either straight, requiring you to mix with water, or premixed and ready to use. Those packaged ready to use are labeled that way.

Do not use the automotive product called Dex-Cool. It is a specific application compound and can cause corrosion problems in systems not intended for its use. Otherwise, the choice is pretty much yours, and there isn't a huge advantage one way or the other in any of them.

Just go get some engine ice and call it good. It's 15 bucks and will last 2 years.

I agree with gonzo, engine ice seems to work well!

Change the oil, you probably fried it.

Does engine ice prevent freezing?

Where do you get this Evans NPG-R?

type it into your search engine,you can buy directly from them. :)

Just go get some engine ice and call it good. It's 15 bucks and will last 2 years.
That's what I use. It works for me.
Does engine ice prevent freezing?

To a certain point sure. I've had it in my bikes all winter and it's been like 20 below some nights. It doesnt freeze.

I used Engine Ice in my 426 and I am using it in my pinger now. It's good stuff.

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