Drop Newbie!

Just about broke my wrists following my 14 year old on his WR250 over a flat edge and down on to a flat surface 6 feet below. He gave it gas to keep the front end up and comes down level. I gave it gas and went in nose down!

Would my 450 behave that differently?

Do you have to pull up on the bars or sit back on the seat? I was up on my pegs standing.

Now the little hotshot is calling me a "Drop Newbie"!

Advice please. :)

I am sure everyone has done it once :) only once! What you do it come up to the edge of the drop and right before your front tire hits the edge you want to be in a comfortable gear and while standing and knees a little bent you want to burp the throttle pretty good while very slightly pushing down with your legs and pulling with your arms right before you hit the ground be ready for the landing with your legs now as a set of shocks and absorb the impact a long with your suspension and don't forget to give it gas when you land so that you do not loose all momentum hope this helps you will love it once you do it :)

I did just about the same drop off as you on my 450 and my only prob was my big a$$ causing my suspension to bottom out. Stung a bit but thats about it. That bike brings the front end up so easily...... I am in love with my money pit, I mean, my WR more and more evrytime I get on it. But with all the honda 450X hype I really want to give one a test ride to see if it is noticeably better than the WR. I find it hard to beleive that it can be alot better as this bike continues to amaze me with its power. I also don't feel that the bike is a top-heavy hog as people seem to say in the other forums....... Just keep riding it within your limits and give those a slight nudge every once in a while :) .



My son is 13 and I can't keep up with him anymore so I take some ribing for that. I'm planing on setting his tires at about 8psi to level the playing field a bit.


Now the little hotshot is calling me a "Drop Newbie"!

Advice please. :)

Your his dad, ground him for several weeks! :)

I just blip the throttle, my bike stand up so easy, its dangerous. A slight twist will bring it up 1-3, and a little more twist will stand it up in 4th. Never tired 5th. I suspect you let off before your wheel left the ground. With the compression these have, you also get good engine braking too!

Without being there it sounds like you might've been a little late on the throttle. You need to be pulling somewhat of a wheelie before the rear tire leaves the edge. The front wheel will drop in the air so it needs to be higher than the rear.

Pulling back on the bars helps, but with the WR's strong torque & light front end that's really not needed unless your in the upper gears.

Sounds like you need to try that same dropoff again to get it right!

Five days later and my wrist still hurts, I really gave it a wrenching all right! I will indeed have to give that drop a another try and this time keep that front end up with power on through the entire launch and some power through the landing too.

The sad thing of it is that this drop was supposed to be the easy one before trying the real 8' drop off a cliff like launch down on to an incline the kids smoothed out for their mountain bikes. My son sails over it smooth as silk...

maybe i'll try the 8lbs tire pressure trick to even things out a little. :)

maybe i'll try the 8lbs tire pressure trick to even things out a little. :)

I'd be a little worried about a pinch flat with that little of pressure in the tire...

I'd put about 30 lbs in his tires. He'll never get the front end to stick and you don't have to worry about flats.lol.

If you try it again make sure your in a low enough gear ,sounds like you could have down shifted one gear on your last attempt.

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