00 426 clutch mod ?'s

hey guys. Just got a couple questions about the 00 426 clutch mod. I need to do something with my clutch, and was going to do the 01 clutch mod, but then I saw a post about the tusk clutch kit. Will just doing the tusk kit fix my problems, or do I order an 01 tusk clutch pak with the rest of the 01 Yamaha parts to do it?

I dont know anything about the Tusk Fix. But my 2000 was a night and day change when I did the fix, It used to chatter real bad until the 01 fix then it was smooth as butter.

I ended up going to a rekluse Zstart clutch and to be honest I prefer the Zstart Auto Clutch. This will make the YZF a complete bike for woods. Dont care to much for it in MX (I ride maybe 1% MX anyway) but for the woods rider :):):p:D:D

thanks, but how expensive is that rekluse clutch compared to just doing the update?

the Rekluse is $429 if you get it from Rekluse, I have seen it as low as $380

the Fix is about $130 bucks depending on where you buy it and shipping.

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