XR650L on interstate

Why is it that the KLR650 can substain higher speeds on interstate. Higher gearing? The reason I ask is because I was on the interstate (not the funnest place for a XR650L) and a KLR650 putted past me and I could tell his bike wasnt working near as hard as mine. It got me thinking; If a person knows they are going to go on a long trip what can a person do to a XRL to make it more highway friendly?

regear w/ less teeth in the rear sprocket.

Dude, I just did the standard mods, rejet 55/160, shimmed the needle, killed the snorkel, Big Gun can and mine roosts right up to 75 before I know it and I got no problem sittin there til a tank of gas is gone(well, the wind can get annoying but I just tuck). Haven't gone with with the re-gear yet. Motor sounds happy. I don't think no elaphantine KLR can take me.

My 03 engine, exhaust,carb,and filter are still stock...yet I commute to work once a week on it 26mi each way at a steady 85 with no probs. I am going to add a SuperBrace eventually to help the bit of shaking.

Its not the 185 my last bike would pull (CBR900 with mods) but it can climb near any hill or obstacle.

I like the water cooling on the Kaw, and the Suzy..but damn they be ugly to my BRP...lol

Well my XRL is hauling around a 250 pound guy. It doesnt like to go above 70. I've got it up to 75 but it didnt like me very much for that. If I mod the bike out with typical mods how much mph do you think it'll give me. 2-3mph?

With the 15 front and a 45 rear my bike will hold 80 easy(the wind can shove a xrl pretty bad), I have had it to a little over 100mph, but the front end and fender start getting shakey, I had a fork problem though. With a 13 tooth front and a 45 rear mine does not like to stay above 75 for any length of time that is what makes me wonder about your set up, tire tallness will affect a bikes cruising speed. Do you know for sure that your bike has stock sprockets?

15 front and 45 rear is stock I think.

Everything about the bike is stock. I'm due for some new tires, but thats about it. I've been around the bike ever since it was bought. No mods at all.

What kind of gas milleage are you getting? Don't tell me a 100 miles to a tank because I can't get it. I know I'm rough on the throttle at times but I'm averaging out roughly 75 miles before I start getting really worried.

The KLR has taller gearing and a 6 speed transmission. They cruise better than the XR, but, they cannot keep up with it in the woods. It is all in what you want to do with the bike. A sprocket change will help the top end but will kill you on the take off. The stock 15/45 set up if fair on take off in stop and go traffic but rev's the engine pretty hard over 65 or 70mph. I run the interstate and open hwy about 35 miles one way and I wish it had another gear. When I know I am going to do a days woods riding I change the frond sprocket to a 14. If Honda ever changes the XRL, a 6 speed is what I will wish for.


With factor gearing and being mostly on the highway I would say 80 miles max,at 65 mph, 50 city,,that is about what i get, but mine is jetted a 58/160 main.

With the mods I listed to my bike above I picked up what feels like loads of torque and the bike easily zips up to 75 and I feel totally comfortable at that speed. I would like to one day get a fork brace and stabilizer to make me feel a little better at 100 but I still get there on a occassion, did today out in the twisties. I fill up when my odometer hits 75 usually and even then I usually only need a gallon and a half to top it off. Mileage did not deem to decrease that noticeably as a result of the mods. I run stock gearing on stock tires(for now). I'm 6ft/200 lbs.

My old XT was geared for dirt but I carried a countershaft sprocket in the tool kit for long highway rides. It only takes one or two teeth on the countershaft to make a huge difference on the highway. And, since the chain adjusters would take up that much slack, I could swap them in a couple of minutes for long highway cruises.

I have mine geared 14/48. I have noticed a huge diff. in the gas milage. Last weekend I rode it hard and hit reserve at about 70 miles (that is with adding in three small Colmen bottles @30 miles). I love the lower gearing but another gear would be great. At about 70-80mph is as high as I feel comfortable taking it to now because you can really hear the motor at those speeds.

Hello : I have a 2005 L it has been blocked, jetted, piped with a Q2, standard tires, snorkel removed and that is about it, I have range before going on to reserve is about 94-98 miles.

I wouldn't gear up any higher ... at the stock 15/45 setup, your 'L' will barely pull 5th gear, as it is ... and my forks are too "light" above 75, anyway ... I think the 'L' is one of the greatest bikes there is, for what its made for, ... and that doesnt include long highway stints, or racing ... :)

2004 650l stock no mods! wait i do have a skid plate that probally adds HP anyways stock 15 front 45 rear sprockets (stock) me 5'11'' 195lbs wife 5'7" 125 lbs my bike will do 85mph according to the speedo havent gps it yet! its not a kawi !the honda is much better off road i think!

I have a stock 05' xr650l,15 tooth/45 tooth and I get to 85mph easy. And at 100 I get a little squirlly :) I get 65-70 Miles out of my tank until I hit reserve. I think if I easy up on the throttle a bit I might suck 75-80 miles out of it?! I absolutely love this machine :) It gives me exactly what I am looking for. A stable commuter and a more than capable trail monger :D Cant wait to start the uncorking process :D

I hate the KLR's, but don't race one on the highway, they'll beat most L's. My dad and my brother have them and I can pull them up to about 60 then they slowly go past me even on top end. Mines uncorked, drilled slide, 55/160, uni filter, e-series exhaust, 15/45 sprockets, Pro taper windham bars, baja designs engine guard. I get about 32 mpg hard roadway (70-80mph) and 45 mpg at easy highway riding (55mph). Did I mention I hate KLR's.

In a Dirt Rider magazine article years back, the KLR did have a higher top speed than the 650L. The KLR comfortably exceeded 100mph on level highways. The 650L was the most dirt worthy of all of the dual-sports tested at the time (KLR650, DR650, XR650L) mostly because they did not include the ATK605.

All I did to my '95 650L was remove the smog garbage and the snorkel. It is happy cruising around all day at 90.. The top speed (indicated) that I have reached is a tad over 110 downhill on a steep paved highway :)

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