Synthetic oils ???

i use delo 400 in my XR, and in the gear box of my 2 stroke. no complaints so far

Delo-400 was my oil of choice too. Sorry to say that they just changed the formulation to meet either the new CI4+ or CH4+ specification (I forget which). They added friction modifier (moly?) and now no longer recommend it for use in wet clutch gearbox applications (your brp and my xr250r).

Shell rotella also reformulated to meet new spec but didn't add moly - so shell rotella and shell rotella synthetic are both still okay to use. Both are reasonably priced and available in gallon jugs at Walmart (at least most of the time).

- jeff

Mobile 1 used to be a true "Full" synthetic oil. Mobile 1 oil is no longer a true synthetic, you can get extensive info on this here Basically a few years ago the definition of sythetic oil was changed as a result of a lawsuit that was lost by Mobile. Soon after Mobile (to save $) joined the bandwagon and began using the process of modifying dino oil in such a way as to be able to call it synthetic in accordance with the new definition. AMSOIL, Red Line and a few others are the only true synthetic oils now produced.

...AMSOIL, Red Line and a few others are the only true synthetic oils now produced.

Amsoil is actually a customer of Mobil and Mobil offers more than just one product, some of which are synthetic and some aren't. Amsoil would like you to believe they make all their own oil, but they get their PAO base stock from Mobil, their Group III basestock for the XL series products come from Petro-Canada and even Chevron supplies Amsoil with product from what I understand. Lubrizol was and perhaps still does supply addtive packages to Amsoil. While Amzoil offers a fine product, there are many fine products to choose from.

Unless you have your oil analysed, you'll never know just how well your oil is working for you. Some folks find comfort in spending more money for propducts with the thought they work better or provide better protection, etc, but unless you pay the piper to get on an oil analysis program, you're only guessing.

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