Speedo drive housing broken.....

when I loosened the front axle. It spun with turning the axle and snapped a bit off the housing. This leads me onto the question of either a replacement housing,repairing by sticking/patching or upgrading (whilst the wife does`nt have the credit card!!) to an electronic speedo. I have carried out a search of the forum to find the Trail Tech Endurance computer. The other question I have is if a new speedo is installed what happens with the gap left by the old speedo housing? Do I keep it on and plug it with say,silicone or does the new speedo arrive with a spacer and seal to make up the gap thats left? Also I found a thread stating that a DRZ speedo would work. Can anyone advise if they have used this unit in this application??.......thoughts???.....Thanks....

Go to Barnumspro.com website and check out the red speedo spacers he sells, they look cool also. Then get one of those digital computers. I got mine at Baja designs web site. I think it is the Panorama something or what ever. I have had mine on for about 2-3 years now no issues. They cost about 70 bones. It might be the trail tech I don't remember.

Hey call this guy I don't know his name but he just parted out a xr on e-bay and he might still have the speedo--1-717 477-9321- hope that helps

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