Pro Taper triple clamp

I had an adjustable Pro Taper clamp on my KX250 and loved it. So I had a chance to get on for my 04 450, the rubber mounted one for for cheap. :p I figured since it was so cheap I'd grab it :D Well I'm not so sure I like it on my 450. I fooled with it a bit out at the track but didn't feel real comfortable. :D

I was thinking that since it was adjustable I would be able to find a spot to make it turn better. What do you guys think, push the risers foward on the clamp so more wait is over the forks :)

What about the taller risers :) Will it give more of a feel of being lower in the bike??

I did the exact same thing with my '04 450. I am currently running in the stock position with CR high bars, I've tried every position and found that it turns best in the stock position for me with these bars. I am 6'0 tall, so it might be different for you.

I would try taller risers or a taller bar. Be careful not to pull the risers too much forward, you may not want your bars in front of the fork line; I tried that and had the feeling of too much weight on forks, had terrible frontal landings and my arms were hammered.

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