650L -what's this casting for?

I had planned on posting a small pic of this but apparently I can't?

Anyhow on the rocker cover of the 650L (when viewing the motor from the front) there are 2 cylindrical castings (side by side) immediately to the front and right of the motor mount. One has a bore in it but is blocked at the bottom, the other appears to be solid all the way through. Anyone know what these are a provision for?



OK got the pic thing sorted -these are the 2 castings I'm refering to -outlined in the red box:


I think the one on the left is for the oil line and the right one is for the emissions tube---I could be wrong-

An additional oil line? Because the way it's cast there's nothing that will passing through it without drilling. There is a provision for a line on the left side of the motor mount, but I'm wondering about the 2 castings on the right side (as viewed from the front of the bike).

I am looking it up in my clymers guide I'll let you know what I find

I think you might be looking at the rocker arm access "plugs" Older bikes seem to have a decompression lever and spring assembly, in that area- hope that helped.

It is, thanks. I wondered if it might have something to do with a manual decomp. Anyone know if it's possible to retro-fit a manual decomp to the XRL? I have a big-bore high-comp kit, and with the addition of an aftermarket cam (losing the auto-decomp) I'm concerned it may be a bit much for the electric starter.

Pic added at the top now.

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