Spent most of the day installing new Factory 4 FMF pipe with Ti powerbomb Header and Scotts dampner. Also completed my last two free mods, gray wire and snorkel.

1st impression is WOW! It feels like a whole new M/C. I have read about the changes to the Wr on the board, but until you experience them for yourself you just don't really understand. FMF recommends basically stock carb settings, so I left them alone. I was ready to re-jet if it needed it.

Did a short ride around my house and couldn't keep the front wheel on the ground. It was amazing the power gains from stock to this setup. The stock carb settings seem good for now. The bike started easier and ran better with the new exhaust system.

I just had to share my joy with all of you. I included a few pics for you..



Right On !!!!!!!!!!!

Not an inexpensive day, but what a difference! :)

Sweeeeeeeeeeet :):)

Does the factory 4 FMF pipe meet the 96 decibel law here in California?

Thanks, Brian

I put the quiet insert in that FMF makes for the pipe. I do believe it meets the standard with the quiet insert. The noise is slightly louder than my stock pipe was. You can also get a spark arrestor end cap for the pipe so it will meet the Ca standards.

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