450 cam in a 426

Would a YZ450f exhaust cam fit in my 426 and if so, other than the auto decomp, what would be the advantages and drawbacks.


Go to the YZ400/YZ426/YZ450 and they have the link that will give you the how too's

and the cam part # that you need I did my 01 426 and it's the reason

that I still own it, you replace the exhaust cam only with the 450

autodecompression cam and it's the best upgrade that you can do

for your bike and your body.on the other hand if you don"t like your bike to

kick over like a 2 smoke and keeping the front end on the ground is

a must for you, you will not want to do this to your bike. :)

In my opinion this is a must do, no problems and I love the power curve now

with no scarface on the top end it is just a lot quicker and more fun to ride

not to mechen that it does not where you out trying to start it!!!



We must be twin brother ! I've been thinking about that for a while too. You can also check the Hotcams. They offer an exhaust cam with autodecomp with the oem gear spec of the 426.

I'll get in touch


I'm at work right now 00:25 hres, if you are awake send me an email at work :)

The Hot cams COST a lot more,you need both intake and exhaust.thats

why I went to the YZ450 exhaust cam and like I stated you will not

be sorry it hits harder and the response is quicker. :)

When you say that the hot cam costs a lot more , How much a stock YZ cam cost ? There were wr 426 hotcams on ebay for 146.99. How does it compare to a oem yz cam ? Where can we buy a stock yz 450 cam ? dealer ?

Thanks for your infos :)

The YZ cam cost right around $150 and the set of hot cams is around $400

I think,I no that it was more that I wanted to spend.

I got mine from the dealer witch gave me the wrong cam at first and had to

return it,they gave me a 05 cam and there a little shorter then the 03.

If you buy off E-Bay and there wrong you might have a hard time getting your money back.

Go to this site for more info and pics http://www.photonracing.com/PDF/450cam.pdf

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