Carb sincro on 87 600r

Hello guys, I am new to this forum and new to the thumper bikes. I have a question about the carbs adjustment on my 87, When I pulled the air box off the pistons in the carbs are not at the same height. Are they set up to be progressive? John

With the throttle closed, both slides should be right down or fully closed. When you open the throttle, the left or primary carb will open on its own for the first 1/8 or so of the throttle travel, then a linkage and lever opens the secondary carb. There is meant to be a specified amount of opening clearance for the primary to secondary carb linkage (or secondary touch lever) it is 4.5-5.0mm.

Hope this helps!


The primary carb (the left one) has a cutaway on the bottom of the slide, that the secondary carb does not. It might appear that the left slide is sitting higher due to this.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it. John

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