Best Complete Exhaust System for 2005 WR450?

I'm focusing on getting a Yoshimura "TRC Pro" or "TRC Comp" complete system; as they look cool, adjustable w/96 and 93db inserts -- basically my "dart board pick"

I understand that if you get the aluminum exhaust (vs. CarbonFiber), the "Comp" ($395) and "Pro" have the same muffler, but the Pro ($595) has titanium vs. stainless steel header

Anyone have experience with these Yosh TRC systems?

...or I was thinking FMF Q2 w/Powerbomb ($???). Also looked at Leo Vince but got confused.

Thanks for any advice.


I just put on a Factory 4 system from FMF. The header and pipe are Titanium. Fit and finish was great, fit on the bike like a glove. I ordered the blue anodized version, it goes great with yama blue.

I think most of those systems you are looking at are great pipes. It comes down to personal choice. Good luck with which ever system you choose.

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