Settings according to altitude

Morning all.

Got a 05 650r. In January 06 I'm going back home to South Africa, driving from the UK. My problem....what should my jet settings be for the change in alt? Also, any suggestions on front tires that would last!

Anybody wants to come with!


Joe :)

I run Metzeler Sahara Enduro 3 tyres on standard rims....I got 6000kms on the rear with hard fast mountain twistie riding and the front is still showing about 8mm wear after 7000kms....they`re a trail tyre and very good on the road....which is why I just ordered another rear...I got mine in the UK for about £50 each or thereabouts(they`re €84 here in France)...I`m sure you can get a pix of them on their problem keeping up with supermoto bikes and thier say you`re driving to RSA.....that mean you`re taking the bike or towing it??....

No no, driving it back. Got 2 routes, complete with GPS points ext, ext. Everything done planning except the mods on the bike and the visas. The visas is going to be the hard part i think?

Man I'd get the Edelbrock, otherwise you'll be having hell with the elevation changes.

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