2001 YZ426f vrs 2005 CRF450

I thought I make a comparison report based on my bike vrs a new Honda. I have a 01 with Hot Cams Mod, and Power Now, pretty basic. I came to AZ to visit a friend to do some riding, and I was able to ride his new machine and put some serious laps on it, and also did some hard core single track.

I liked the 05 Honda the best out of all of the 450's, the brakes are ridiculous as ususal, and the suspension was pretty decent. The motor barks and is very similiar to a two stroke in the way its revs and also were the power comes on. It is smooth, and very ridable.

The problems I had were with coming into corner with a double immediately after, if you lugged the bike which you can do with most Yamaha's it coughs big time, it does not like to pull under the curve, where as I can give gas pretty much any where with my Yamaha.

I like the handling, it was well mannered in turns, but disliked it on straights that were choppy.

I really like the Yamaha's motor in 01, with the five speed gear box. I have tried all of the other years including the 05. You don't really miss the extra gear, it just takes a little time to get use to.

For the most part the Honda was really good, but nothing made me feel that good to give up my 01 just yet, waiting for 06 preview.

Also, the big thing is price, hardly any Honda dealers I know budge in price, were as the Yamaha dealer near me works with you!

Out here in ZA they are getting top dollar, my friend got his from a guy that went to Missouri to get three of them, to beat the tax, ans also the high price.

did you have a question?

heres a comparison:

426's are incapable of of coming anywhere near the performance of an 05 crf. its laughable. i just sold my 00 426 for an 05 crf450 and i can tell you, i will never look back.

yamaha dropped the ball big time, i dont even have to ride a yz450, because it cant change my mind.

and BTW, the crf you rode must have been jetted wrong, because the 05 crf that i rode torqued hard off the very bottom. the crf easily had 6-7 HP on my 426.

Must be the rider... Personally, I cannot see all the hype behind the 05 CRF450. I ride mostly desert & single track & my 02 426 is by far more stable and the motor certinally feels more "alive" than the honda. I've ridden every year of the Honda and the 05 is the best, it had a great motor. I always felt cramped on the honda though. It seemed like the faster I went to more careful I had to be on where I put the front end. On the YZ it seems like the harder you push it the better it takes the hits. There are no bad lines with this bike. And I'm not a big fan of the YZ450's either. Maybe if I rode track more often I might see things differently.

FYI, there were many improvements on the 426 from 00-02. The 00 426 came with 57 at the motor, the 01-02, 58 . The YZ450 is still the class leader with 60. These are actual numbers from Yamaha, as poasted on the MSO's. But numbers are bunk, its all how the bike feels. :)

what is mso and is there a link where i can se the bhp facts for myself please as im trying to get my yz sorted bhp wise and have had no luck :)

i still love my 01 426; the bike has been great to me. My buddy's got an 04 crf450 and its a nice bike. Its snappier than my 01, and definitely feel lighter; but I dont think it pulls like my 01. Off the gate in 2nd I'm still pulling when he's shifting.

I'm also waiting for an 06, hoping for that aluminum frame.

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