have u had any trouble with seals in linkages being forced out when u grease??

no i haven't but then again i haven't done exactly hundreds of miles on it.

push em back in! at least you know why they came out!


Taffy, Where have you been?? Im not used to you NOT pissing anyone off!!! What's up with that??

i did mention that at this time of year my job goes nuts-and so it has!

i've been busy. i couldn't get my "name" back so i just sat back and in the end slipped away. the foot and mouth didn't help. what with no riding and all.

i flew at bill big time and i don't suppose he deserved it. after he'd "chewed my ass" i feel suitably humbled.

since i've been away clarke has sold up and now, so has JD. i might be an argumentative bastard but i do like trading idea's with heavyweights. great fun!

i feel JD and i have complemented each other well. the radical idea's man versus the analytical performer.

anyway, i will be about but i'll only get involved when i find another performance enhancing step forward. that's how i am.

anyway thanks for asking!


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