05 KTM 450sx

Hi im new to the forums and i wanted to ask if any of you have a 450sx?

im looking to get one as soon as i get my 04 125sx sold.

just tell me the pros and cons of the bike so that i wont be suprised when i get it!

Thanks Devon z

Well i have the 04 450 sx and it is a two stroke eater! it is the smoothest bike i have ever ridden and is very deceptivly fast!!!! I think the 04 has appaernt problems with the lightly built gearbox breaking due to hard jump landings under power but the 05 is cured of this. The 05 aparently has gottn rid of the 04 demons (not that there were many). if u can afford it then i would strongly reccomend a 450 SX.

Ive had my '03 450SX for about 8 or 9 months now. Its my first four stroke and my firts KTM and I will never be happy with anything else. I bought it from a friend at work who maybe put 10 or 15 hours on it. He is an old guy so I know he didnt ride it as hard as I do. The 4 speed tranny took some getting used to, but I really enjoy it now! When Im in the desert and at the track I run a 14 tooth front sprocket and in the tight trails and hills I run a 13 tooth. Other than that, the bike is the most versatile and well built bike amongst the bikes of the guys I ride with (4 2strokers and one other 4 stroke thats a Husky). I guess Im saying that it doesnt matter what type of terrain your riding in the 450SX will do it all. Im sure youll be happy with it.

thanks for replying guys!

I'm thinking about getting an 04' 450sx as well, my main riding style if fast trail work. I've ridden 2-strokes all my life as they love to rev and are cheep to fix if they go pop.

A mate of mine had an '03 CRF450 and did the same riding as me and his gear box went bang in a big way . . . so I supose I would like to know what the reliability of the bottom end and g/box on the SX ktm's are like for trail work.


I find that my 450sx is a pig on tight trails, especially up steep hills, but open fast trails and on the track its perfect...

i race an 05 without any major probs, replaced clutch cover gasket with

a metal one..stock was thin paper....if you stall it hot your race is over

other than that its been a solid bike, i have left everything stock

no real need to change it besides you will need money for back

tires, racing wise its smooth/fast and a little front end twitch

at terminal velocity/jumps nice and turns pretty sharp/skinny

and very light feeling, ergo's feel good to me, i rode it back to

back with a rmz450 and the rm felt a little fat and really long

you wont be disappointed with it i am glad i decided to try it out.

I have an 04 with a six speed and e-start and aussiejoe is correct, a very smooth versatile bike. I like it much better than my 05 yz250 2smoke.

Most of my trails are fairly tight 1st 2nd gear stuff so I would have to respectfully dissagree with pumpkin. The 18mm clamps make all the difference.

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