A new "used" YZ400F

I sold my 03 CR250R and I bought a 98 YZ400F. I have no idea what I have gotten myself into. I ride woods only in Northern PA. Is this a good bike? Are the larger bore YZF's better? I love a new challenge. Any input would be helpful to make the most of the comming riding season.

Thanks all!

Thumper convert - DEAYZ400F

No offense but you made a big mistake. All of the new bikes are comparitive but the old 400s are no where near any of the newer bikes.

I have been wondering about that. But would that mistake be for the racer and not the trail minded? My other choices that I could afford were clapped out late 80's to early 90's XR's I am also a thirty'something father and not interested in paying for the latest and greatest unobtainium on a budjet

DEAYZ400F - Thumper Convert

your 2 stroke should have suited the trails better as it is lighter, probably alot more than the yz400f.

your 2 stroke should have suited the trails better as it is lighter, probably alot more than the yz400f.

It was more hassle than it was worth!! I frequently ran out of gas and the biggest problem was the slow going trails that primarily went up. It was not so bad when I changed the rear sprocket to a larger one.

you should get on fine on trails then. it might not keep up with a more up to date thumper on an mx track but should be ok on trails.

Thats a nice bike! A friend has a 99 400 and the thing is just as fast as my 426.

I like my '98 400 for trails, but not tight slow ones. Seems that it requires a great deal of clutch in those situations. I have a flywheel weight, larger sprocket, and softer springs/suspension. Plenty of power, but not as much a trail bike as a WR400 or XR400.

Just my 2 cents,


i have a 99 yz400 and I race harescrambles and enduros, my favorite type of riding is tight single track and my bike is amazing, ive got a heavier flywheel,s ofter springs and forks, lighting coil, headlight, tailight, 53T rear sprocket, 13T front sprocket..........flatland racing heavy duty skid plate, devol rad guards, i have a WR full exhaust, WR tank and seat.........you actually can't tell the difference between my YZ and an actualy WR....but I love it in the trails........even the tight stuff is no problem....as long as you have the larger rear, smaller front sprocket and flywheel weight........

Don't fall into the "latest bike is the greatest" deal. Your '99 YZ400 is a great bike, unless you are a pro and that last 5% performance is the difference between making the grade or not.

I have a '99 and it just too much fun. It is basically stock accept all the offroad stuff (radiator guards, skid plate, etc.) and it is the most fun bike I've ever had next to my very well used and abused '87 CR250R.

The biggest Issue I see with older bikes is reliability. It's going to need a piston and rings, valve adjustment/replacement, new bushings in the rear link, etc., so it will probably nickel and dime you a bit. If you like working on your bike, then it's no big deal, I think it's kind of fun working on bikes.

I've got a buddy who just bought a new CRF450, it is an awsome bike. I rode it and if feels lighter than my bike, maybe a little faster, but again, with my ability I was no faster on it than my '99 YZ400. If you are into trail riding, I don't think weight is such a big deal accept in the mud. Heavier bikes tend to eat the trail junk a little bit better, they have more inertia, so it takes more force to move them around. It has a greater sprung mass (bits that are suspended, like frame, engine, etc.) unsprung mass (bits that are not suspended, like wheels, swing arm, lower fork tubes, etc.) ratio. I think the whole weight issue is overated for the average rider.

People complain that the old yamahas feel top heavy. Yeah, I head a bike that felt light, it was an rm250. That thing pitched me off like a bucking horse. The yamaha is so stable in comparison. It takes a little more effort to turn, but I can ride through a whooped out nasty section barely having to hang on to the bars. I'll take stability over quick turning anyday.

Just keep it into prespective, it's all about having fun right? Not how much money you spend? Besides, wouldn't it be fun to beat your buddies on their new bikes with your old clapped out yz400 anyways?

Add some flywheel weight (Steahly Offroad) and a hydraulic clutch (hebo) and you'll be set. I have a '98 wr400 and do nothing but tight woods riding and other then stalling alittle more then I'd like, the bike is awsome in the woods. But I'm used to riding thumpers and dealing with the extra weight thats all I've ever ridden.


The YZ400F's are great bikes. I met the guy that I sold my '99 to back in '02 a couple of weeks ago and he said it was the best most reliable bike he's owned. The guys son now rides it on everything from MX tracks to cross country races.

I have a 98' WR400 and I think it is a great bike. Most of the guys I ride with have 03' and 04' thumpers and I never get left behind. It is a very reliable bike, never left me stranded. I pretty much stick to the woods all the time and this bike works great. I've geared down to 14/52, yz timed, put a pipe on it, free mods, guards, and a Scott's damper and haul butt all over the place. Set the sag and raise the forks in the clamps and it will turn on a dime.

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