Drilling holes in the airbox side cover of the pig

I'm about to put the drill to work and ventilate the beast, is it worth it? Whats the best pattern to use for the holes?

If you haven't already done this, the HRC-recommended cutout looks like this.

I used a scroll saw to do mine- worked really well, but make sure you use a blade suitable for plastic (finer teeth) & don't go too fast or the plastic starts to melt & get gooey.

I have a .pdf of HRC's dimensions somewhere (it's online, too, but I can't remember where) so let me know if you want it & I'll dig through my files later.

Well here is how I did it. The Honda shop carried these vent plugs. Each one has it's own foam filter in it so water would first have to get through the plugs foam filter before it could touch the main filter and then get inside the air box. Everything is pretty dirty cause I didn't wash the bike since our desert ride last Saturday.


Those little round foam filtered air vents are the Uni filtered air vents from Uni Filter and they come six to the package for $8.95 retail.

Those little round foam filtered air vents are the Uni filtered air vents from Uni Filter and they come six to the package for $8.95 retail.

Correct :naughty:

Correct :D

seems awfully pricey :naughty:

around here they are no more than $8.85.

Mike :naughty: really bored tonight :D

I'm getting ready to install the Barnums airbox kit. I've read Gadsan's article which states:

"make sure you don't cut out any of the plastic supports ribs and leave enough room around them so the side cover structure isn't compromised"

Which support ribs? the one's which seem to be holding the filter in tighter or the ribs around the outside?


2x4 kickstand? :)

Whatever works........... :)

Geeze Frankstr, my Pig hasn't looked that clean since I picked it up from the dealer.

Your bike looks awesome! - what fender pack are you using?


I am about to do this mod, never did it on my old 650R, but I am hearing other people say there are some other things you need to do inside the airbox.

Is there another baffle or something that needs to come out? I will run a XR's Only backfire screen in place of the stocker and a UNI filter, plus I was planning on drilling the holes, may use a Barnums kit or make my own, but what else inside the airbox needs to be removed?

Just make the holes, I dont think there is anything else to take out.......

Sounds like you have it coverd, Send pics when done....... :)

Paul, Its a moose bag, made buy Chase Harper........ :)

Here's my Side Panel Cutout .

I had a oxygen sensor go bad on a car so the whole unit had to be replaced. It had this great screen in there so I used it. Only cost $100 for that screen. :)

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