1982 XR/XL 500r

Hey guys I have a 82 xr 500r. Im looking for a place other then my dealership to get parts for it. Does anyone know where I can get some new or slightly used plastics for one. I handed this bike down to my girlfriend when i got my drz400 and i want to fix it up a bit for her. Eventually I will upgrade her to a newer 250 but i figure fixing it up now cant hurt the resale. I was also wondering if I can go down to my salvage yard and get a front end off a newer bike to upgrade to disc brakes. I believe the 83 and up 600 had a disc brake. Are the steering stems the same dimensions. Thanks in advance to anyone who replys.


Go to www.maier-mfg.com I got some side plastic for my 83 XR 500R through them and they are reasonable w/ thier prices.


I am looking for a rear chain guide for my '83 XR 500R. Cannot seem to find anything on the web, any suggestions on where to find this piece?


If you are in the Phoenix area try Bob's cycle supply

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